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The Power of Summer Reflection

Summer is a time when most of us slow down our pace, allowing us to find solace and refocus. But don't search for answers alone!

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Ah, summer! The season of relaxation, joy, and sweltering heat. It’s a time when most of us slow down our pace, allowing us to find solace and refocus. As a funeral professional, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of taking a step back to connect with my network – my people – to gain fresh perspectives and redirect my efforts when needed. Consulting can be a challenging concept to grasp fully. To make it impactful, we must delve into the perspectives of individuals, our teams, and the problems we aim to solve. When these three dimensions interact harmoniously, it allows us to step back and observe the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan.

The Power of Networking—
In the heart of consulting lies the essence of networking. We cannot solve problems in isolation. Instead, we draw strength from a strong team of friends who willingly offer their support when needed. By reaching out to our own networks, we bring forth questions, concerns, and issues that require untangling. It is through this collaboration that we grow, improve ourselves, and better serve the families who rely on us.

Inclusive Solutions—
One of the greatest benefits of networking and consulting is that all parties involved have the opportunity to be heard. Everyone becomes a stakeholder in identifying problems, devising solutions, and participating in the implementation and improvement processes. This inclusive approach ensures that experiences are shared for the collective betterment of all.

Let’s Grow Together—
At Raven Plume Consulting and Undertaking: The Podcast, we embrace the spirit of collaboration. As August ushers in a busy month, remember that we are always here, ready to be part of your circle. Reach out to us with your questions, concerns, and anything you need untangled. Together, we can serve families even better, leaving a positive legacy for ourselves and those we care for.

Embrace the essence of summer, reflect on your journey, nurture your network, and remember that through consulting and networking, we can achieve more than we ever could alone. Have a beautiful August filled with growth and meaningful connections.

And take pictures!

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