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Identification and Chain of Custody

Never has ID and Chain of Custody been more important for funeral professionals. Aggressive plaintiff attorneys have figured out that, because there is no DNA to prove the identity of a decedent after cremation, insurance companies settle cases to make them go away, avoiding litigation. Without an iron-clad ID and Chain of Custody protocol and following it consistently, there is no way to prove the person in the urn is the person you say it is. These policies should be followed regardless of the disposition method, to further solidify the consistent and absolute adherence to the steps in the process.

Customized to Your Needs

Let us develop a customized ID and Chain of Custody Policy specific to your firm’s individual needs. The policy would start from removal and move through all steps up to and including interment, return, or shipping out of the decedent, intact or cremated remains. 

The plan can be 100% manual, 100% automated, or anything in between. The plan’s effectiveness doesn’t depend on how technologically advanced it is, but how consistently it is followed. The procedure must be implemented and enforced with zero tolerance to assure success. We can help with this as well. Our proven training methodologies ensure employee buy-in and adoption.

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