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CANA Crematory Operator Certification | Queens, NY

For 2022, the CANA Crematory Operations Certification Program™ (CANA COCP™) is updated to feature best practices in in all forms of cremation, including alkaline hydrolysis. Popular activities such as the Plan Your Day exercise have been newly revised, there is an all–new animation to demonstrate the cremation process, and the COCP Manual has been updated, keeping CANA’s curriculum at the cutting edge of crematory operation best practices.

You will gain extensive knowledge—technical, scientific, and legal—all of which is proactive prevention for future business problems. The class addresses major topic areas such as an overview of the flame and water cremation process, equipment and operations, the cremation process in detail, chain of custody, reducing legal risk, and environmental issues related to cremation. A detailed manual is also provided for use during class and serves as an important reference tool. Taught by industry experts, this program provides death care professionals of all backgrounds and levels of experience a thorough knowledge of the practices and procedures that will help reduce the risk of litigation.



Oct 26 2022


All Day
St. Michael's Cemetery


St. Michael's Cemetery
7202 Astoria Blvd. S., East Elmhurst, NY 11370
Cremation Association of North America


Cremation Association of North America
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