Things Funeral Homes Should Always Consider Regarding a 3rd Party Cremation Partner

Funeral directors know, when someone dies, things can happen quickly and all of a sudden there are a lot of plates spinning in the air all at once. Almost all of the plates stay spinning by the funeral director and support staff, and the precision dance that is a funeral service happens and another life is honored in whatever way the family and friends chose. BUT…

What REALLY Goes on Inside a Crematory?

Visualize a bon-fire. Envision the flames licking the air and hear the crackling of the wood burning. Smell the smoke and notice the sparks and embers spitting as the fire consumes the logs. Now imagine that instead of logs being consumed by fire it is a dead body in a box. Your mental picture just changed, did it not? Should it have? To understand the differences in these fires (and some might say more importantly, to understand the similarities) is fundamental to understanding what goes on inside a cremator.

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