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Cremation is now the most desired choice for disposition of the dead, but is the also most misunderstood and misconstrued detail of funeral service both within the profession, and by the public. 

How we can help

Together, we can change the way people think about cremation, and in the process, change our own perceptions to better delight our customers.

We Handle the Details

Whether you want to improve efficiency, safety, and public acceptance, reduce operational costs, need a simple but confusing emissions inventory form filled out for an environmental agency, or are contemplating a years long project complete with a market study, business plan, equipment evaluations, property searches and layouts, zoning applications, public hearings, and financing, all ending with the commissioning of a new crematory business, partnering with us is a smart choice.

Crematory Management Program

Process improvement is not synonymous with documentation. A well-developed SOP Manual wrapped in a pretty bow is not the end-game. Once completed, it will not do you any good on the bookshelf, no matter how great the processes are. The final document, a customized and complete SOP Manual must be a continuous, living, breathing part of your day to day business. While implementing, and to assure the improvement of the processes as things change, process “owners” must be empowered and equipped to develop ideas that improve quality and consistency, enhance customer service, reduce waste, streamline effort and make the business operate more efficiently.
This program was developed in partnership with the Cremation Association of North America (CANA).

Operator Certification

Almost half of the US States and Canadian Provinces require Crematory Operator Certification and Raven Plume Consulting has developed (or contributed to) the the approved training curriculum. Our Founder and Principal, Larry Stuart, Jr. has certified 1,000s of operators across North America and continues to provide instruction and programs sponsored by national, state and provincial associations and regulatory boards where Crematory Operator Certification is required .
All funeral service professionals will benefit from becoming crematory operator certified, even if they do not nor ever will operate the equipment.

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Environmental Compliance

Although cremation is not regulated on the federal level in the US or Canada, states and provinces have various levels of environmental permitting demands. Some environmental protection agencies are reasonable and understand that cremation is an insignificant source of air pollution, however other areas are more stringent. Air quality permitting and compliance can be daunting, but we can help you navigate the complex processes so you aren't spinning your wheels in frustration.

We handle all the details for you, from a simple emissions inventory report to a complex permit application complete with emission factors and estimates.

How can we help you be even better?

We help funeral service professionals Serve MORE Families, BETTER!
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