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COVID-19 and Blood Clots—True or Clickbait?

Are embalmers really finding clots in deceased people caused by the Covid vaccine?

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Embalmers are making claims that they are finding clots in people that are caused by the COVID-19 vaccine, but is this true? Well, let us start by examining what we do know;

  • A long-term effect of COVID-19 is the formation of clots, and the clotting effect can be seen in people who are both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

  • The Johnson and Johnson vaccine was linked to Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome, or TTS, which is a combination of a blood clot and low platelets. This is a rare and treatable condition when caught in time.

  • In addition to COVID-19, the Mayo Clinic lists the following common causes of clotting that include arteriosclerosis, smoking, obesity, heart attack, heart failure, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, and a family history of blood clots in addition to more rare conditions.

  • Postmortem clots can form quickly as long as the blood is still in a liquid state, causing the plasma to separate from the formed elements. These are common sights to embalmers of all levels of training. 

  • Formaldehyde coagulates proteins during the embalming process, and blood is made of protein. Further, tap water contains calcium which drives the blood clotting reaction, even after death. 

  • We add specific chemicals called water conditioners that remove calcium in order to prevent the blood clotting reaction.

  • As far as I know, there is not a database for us to reference trends in postmortem clots, so we have no idea what the scale and frequency of certain types of clots are.

    Despite what they might think, the vast majority of embalmers are not medical professionals. While there are embalmers who came from nursing, EMT, and other medical backgrounds, it is rare for an embalmer to be a qualified pathologist or hematologist or to make such a medical diagnosis. It would also be extremely unusual for an embalmer to know someone’s medical history unless they were closely related to the deceased person. It has been my experience that embalming often takes place before a specific cause of death is communicated to the embalmer let alone their vaccination records. Furthermore, embalmers are in no position to claim that someone who has died of natural causes “was in normal health.” Sorry, people, if you have big clots lurking in your body, you are not in normal health.

    Where is this coming from? It appears that the sources are two embalmers; one from America and one from England, neither of which seem to have any medical training outside of mortuary school, which provides very little medical training. Their information to this point has only come from their own personal observations, and their documentation is essentially pictures of the clots and the laboratory testing of a single clot by a laboratory that is owned by a journalist known to be biased against real science. As someone who has seen the clots, to the non-embalmer, they could be shocking to people who don’t regularly see blood clots. It is my personal opinion that the clots presented for evidence do not look unusual, although I have only seen pictures of them, and as far as I know the clots were not preserved for further study and were only studied by one suspect laboratory.

    Now, let’s just say that we wanted to find out if this were true or not, what would it take? First, deaths would have to be attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine specifically. Second, the person would have to lack any of the other health conditions that can result in blood clots. Third, these samples would have to be sent for analysis at a qualified laboratory. Fourth, any results would have to be repeated on cases worldwide.

    For embalmers to even be involved in this type of research, we would need specific training on case analysis on potential test subjects and collection of clot samples. That assumes that the embalming process would not destroy the samples. Further, families would have to give us permission to share any suspected clots with the test laboratory. As you can see, to this point, none of this has yet been correctly formed into a testable hypothesis.

    These embalmers’ opinions are nothing more than clickbait for certain media outlets. Since much of funeral service is not well understood by the general public, we become easy targets for those looking to further an agenda.

    This information was featured in an episode of The Funeral Science Podcast

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5 thoughts on “COVID-19 and Blood Clots—True or Clickbait?”

    1. In the post, I outline the proper way to determining if this is even a problem to begin with. It is my opinion that jumping to conclusions based on poorly documented anecdotal evidence is not the hallmark of a professional.

  1. Having worked in the funeral industry, as an assistant not an embalmer or FD, I have great concerns about this story. I have witnessed several embalming processes and I see nothing that hasn’t been seen in the past. The matters that occur in the prep room (behind closed doors) is so unknown to the non-professional that it leaves SO much to speculation. I am an anti-vac supporter, by choice, I still find this documentary concerning. I support Mr. Schmidt in his concerns and comments.
    Also I am a retired police officer and have witnesses several autopsies with the same clotting results. If you really want to rattle the cage witness the embalming process on an autopsied descendant…

    1. As I see it, the unknown elements of the funeral industry is what is being preyed on here. Because the general public has no idea what we see, anything published looks unusual to the average person.

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