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We help funeral service professionals serve MORE families, BETTER!

By sharing our knowledge, expertise, and revolutionary approaches to marketing, we are Changing the Way People Think of Funeral Service. The Age of Cremation doesn’t mean the Age of Cremation Only and through outreach and transparency we are working to educate our professional peers, our clients, and the public about funeral service, its indispensability, its history, cultural significance, and best practices.

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We are experts in funeral home, cemetery, and crematory operational best practices, training and implementation, and can perform a comprehensive analysis of what you are doing now and suggest ways you can improve your business operationally, moving forward. A more efficient operation leads to higher client satisfaction, employee happiness, and higher profits!


We have forgotten some basics with respect to marketing our professional funeral service business. SERVICE! And are we even marketing to the right customer? Our radical approach to marketing targets the living, even though they have no need of our services now or in the near future. But make no mistake, every single one of these members of our community will need us at some point in their lives.


Whether you want to improve efficiency, safety, and public acceptance, reduce operational costs, need a simple but confusing emissions inventory form filled out for an environmental agency, or are contemplating a years long project complete with a market study, business plan, equipment evaluations, property searches and layouts, zoning applications, public hearings, and financing, all ending with the commissioning of a new crematory business, partnering with us is a smart option.


Are you fully protected? Your staff are CANA operator certified, your OSHA manual and training is in order -- what about the rest of your crematory operations? Make sure your policies and procedures are comprehensive, implemented and enforced.


You may be surprised what goes on at your crematory when you're not around! A proactive approach contracting an outside expert to inspect your cremation provider will go a long way to reduce risk and liability especially if you're falsely accused of doing something nefarious.


Fully customized intense strategy sessions that can be developed for any funeral professional facing challenges with the increasingly changing consumer demand for atypical funeral services, cremation, and everything else that goes with it. Kick Start (or Re-Energize) your Business with these 90 Minute Intense Consultations!

Nice Things People Have Said About Us

Easy to work with!

Larry is so easy to work with! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

Pam Scott
Kansas Funeral Directors Association

From a Grumpy, Fussy, Irritating Undertaker!

…you have paved the way, and I mean pioneered the way for thousands of grumpy, fussy, irritating undertakers like [me] to see innovation, creativity, and solutions to helping us actually meet the customer’s demands in the 21st century.

Todd Van Beck

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We help funeral service professionals Serve MORE Families, BETTER!
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